About This Blog

This blogger has blogged previously at several now-deleted Blogger URLs (to save herself the embarrassment of bad pubescent writing splashed on the internet), several LiveJournal accounts, and now this WordPress.

(i switch to first person here…)

I moved to WordPress in hopes that I’d find a ‘niche’ or ‘genre’ where I felt most comfortable blogging about. Be it fashion, photography, food, etc. But this blog has gone through two revamps already, and I still haven’t figured it out! I love fashion, but I’m not a fashion victim. I shop on a tight budget, and I don’t have anything close to an exploding wardrobe of clothes. I love good food, and I do photograph and review my gastronomic adventures, but my wallet can’t afford that much foodie decadence.

And then I realized that I love blogging about life. About what I love, and sharing the things I love doing and looking at. I love photography; I love capturing moments. I love writing. I love baking. And I love to blog about everything- whether it’s a really good meal at ARIA Brisbane, or a brilliant book I picked up from Borders, or a little black lace dress that I bought on the off chance I get asked out on a date.

This is my life, in all its complexities and insecurities. I try to be as honest and transparent as I can here, because in my eight or so years of blogging about life, I’ve realized that the more honest I am in my writing, the more honest I can be with myself.


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