Meet her.



Call me Callie or Michelle, a nineteen year old college student. I used to live in Singapore, then Brisbane. I now reside in Perth, Australia. In my spare time, I am a budding photographer, writer, dancer, and voracious reader.

I picked up photography from my family. Someone made a joke once during a family gathering that in order to belong to the family, you’d have to own a DSLR. I now own a Nikon D300s.

I enjoy capturing people. I love capturing raw emotion and life in action. This kind of photography inspires me, but not only that- it inspires my life. It inspires me to find meaning in everything. A very talented young lady called it ‘capturing life’s insignificant moments’, and I thank her for putting it that way, because that is exactly what I try to achieve.

I also dabble substantially in film. Film photography reminds me that every single shot I take has the potential to mean something; that every click of the shutter causes an image to be permanently imprinted on the film. No takebacks, no editing. I’m trying to challenge myself to learn my way around the dark room.

For a list of cameras that I own, see my FAQ.


Writing is something I’ve done ever since I could. My first ‘book’ was about my family’s vacation to a resort, and my mother illustrated it (I unfortunately did not inherit any drawing ability). In primary school, I would write stories about rich little girls who could afford pretty dresses. Upon request, I wrote a science fiction short story when I was twelve that was submitted to the Ministry of Education. In my first two years of high school, I wrote about my discontent with school hierarchy and became actively involved in fan-fiction communities. My last two years of high school was devoted to Twilight fan-fiction (I’m still ashamed of myself) and a variety of original works. Now, I only write original fiction, as I explore the many ways to take cliches and make them my own. I also write what God puts in my heart, and what I feel will inspire others. I aspire to work or volunteer for non-profits and hope to use my gift for words in that area. TWLOHA is my first choice.


Dance is another form of art that I’ve grown up with. I’ve studied ballet since I was three, and since then, I have also studied jazz, contemporary, hip hop and a variety of ballroom techniques. I enjoy the technical aspect of dance the most, and hence ballet is still my favourite genre. One of the things I love best about dance is the way emotions and a story is conveyed purely through movement. I also love the amount of work behind it, and I plan on continuing my dance training for as long as my body will let me.

I hope to live in Melbourne for a while, but ultimately settle down in New York City and own a beach house in California.
I live on hugs, coffee, and God’s love.

13 thoughts on “Meet her.”

  1. Dude! That’s so cool, you’re a law victim too! *Cough* I mean student. =)

    If that’s you’re dream I completely believe that you will be a big time mag editor && get own that swanky apartment in NY one day!

    Good luck with everything!


    • Whoa… You’re in Brisbane too, are you not? I just snooped your LiveJournal.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      And yes, victim is the right word. >.< Good luck with it though!


  2. Hey πŸ™‚
    Yep I’m in Brissy too πŸ™‚

    Actually I sent you a message through LJ.
    Haha. I guess you haven’t got it yet.

    Not sure if you remember but I met you on the FB– PHgroup thread.
    Small world huh?


  3. Yay, another Brisneylander. I’ve been meeting so many online Perthites, I’m beginning to feel like Perth’s actually cooler! *gasp* I kid.

    You sent me a message through LiveJournal? Really?! I don’t use my LiveJournal any more, except for P-H and other communities, but I can’t imagine why I would’ve missed that.

    Ooooh did we? Haha. I totally forgot all about the PH group on FaceBook actually. Haha

    So what d’you do besides the law stuff? [Don’t tell me that you don’t have the time to do much else, because I totally know how that is, argh! Am i the only one dying over college here?]


  4. Haha. Yeah I’ve found that too. In my case though it’s been Melbournians. They have terrible weather *shakes head*.

    Hmmmm… maybe I sent it to the wrong account.
    What account are you current using? Because I sent a friend request too X] I think I might have added/pmed a random. Lol.

    With uni? or life in general? Haha I’ll just answer it for them both.

    Well the arts side of my degree is keeping me busy. Creative writing is my intended major but they’ve got me doing 1st year courses. which is so unbelievably boring.

    A few friends birthdays have come up. Though I can’t say too much of the social stuff has been happening lately.

    The way my timetable is structured I have to go to uni everyday =O SO I can’t even think of getting a job this sem.

    And it’s annoying how all of the lectures/ tutors expect this level of work from you – but they can’t tell you how to do it. =/

    It’s safe to say I’m dying right there with you!

    I’m such a procrastinator. I should be trying to revise and start my assignments etc. But my motivation has taken a vacation X]


  5. Oh gosh. Melbourne. I want to live there, if only for the New York-esque grid roads, the shopping and the amazing city center. Me + Melbourne + my camera = heaven.

    I’m currently using andwearingpink, but I get all my previous accounts’ alerts too. I’ll check.

    Yeah, I was planning on doing a Law/Arts with creative writing as my major too, but I wanted to graduate earlier. Ha. Are you a first year? I met a guy doing first year creative writing courses in UQ and he did tell me that it was absurdly boring.

    Ahhh. I’m planning on getting a job next semester. I’m volunteering at a charity this sem, despite protests from my friends telling me that I should Never. Work. For. Free. -laughs- Work at Starbucks. I’d PAY to work at Starbucks. Or not…

    Well, that’s law school… No one can really teach you how to DO law… We figure that out pretty quick, huh. πŸ˜‰

    Well, it’s the holidays! Take a chill pill for a while and recharge… Unless you have two assignments due (one due MID-BREAK) like someone *cough* me *cough* whom I know…

    In which case, START TO PANIC.


  6. DUDE! Completely forgot to tell you XD I lOVE your camera/your photos. They are amazing!

    Haha. It’s true Melbourne it beautiful. It’s just when you do there pack your: summer + winter clothes+ sunnies+ umbrella. They’re not kidding when they tell you – they get 4 seasons in a day.

    I have (which means my dad has) a canon. And I loooooove it πŸ™‚ It takes the nicest photos ever. When we went overseas- haha. Lets just say i was a COMPLETE tourist ^^”

    Coolies UQ! (Question: Did the restructure of your law program affect your degree much? They want to do that at GU.. but the students are trying to put a stop to it πŸ™‚ It’s ridiculous they trying to combine arts/linguistics/ crim/law and education together!!!! RAWR!)

    Yessir I am a poor lowly first year! I have made a stackof friends though- It’s funny how many people I know (met this year/from highschool)

    What happened one week was: Tutors/ Lecturers:”Do a case brief!” Freshers: “Ok!”…”Wait hoe do we do one of those?” And we haven’t been getting any feedback yet- because stack of assessment that’s due weekly is formative.which is actually really ANNOYING. facepalm*

    Submitted an assignment worth 40% of my grad on monday. *fingers crossed* Apparently attempting to pass it what I should be attempting before anything else.

    I have a: hypothetical/legislative brief&& another hypoth/ a short in lect essay on chaucer’s canterbury tales/assignment on chaucer a group assignment on the case briefs we’ve been sent/a writing task for effective writing (how I loathe thee) – due at varying time due the first week back and the week after.

    Plus reading/ summaries I should be doing- and catching up on legal research. Goodness, that subject is such a bludge.

    ‘Siff!(vol. work) I wen to this event called ‘Meet the Profession’. All these big law firms and judges etc were there(it’s for GU studs). (And I was the only first year – straight out of highschool there. LOL. T’was interesting: I got a lot of “Wow, you’re keen.”) What they told me is it is really, REALLY good to have volunteering on your resume. *Nods*. They like to see how you can balance your life with work/rec/and other activites like volunteer work.

    Where do you volunteer?

    I did send it to andwearingpink πŸ™‚
    And you can snoop my Lj because I added you as a friend. I was like, “…?” for a moment because only friends can access my most recent journal posts. Hehe.

  7. ah. i had to do canterbury tales too in my first year. I took an english elective… kind of regretted it seeing as we had to read a book every week and that + law readings nearly killed me.

    I’m currently dying over my crim law assignment. STILL.

    The restructure is a bitch. The result is that we’re taking admin law in second year with a bunch of fifth years and we’re DYING. Also, we took public law and constitutional law in FIRST year with some of the third/fourth/fifth years too and we DIED AS WELL. Don’t do it. It’s awful. it will ruin your GPA and your life. >.<

    Yeah. I heard that volunteer work really counts too. Also, i get to do PR work as part of it, which is AWESOME because journalism etc is what I really want to do. I volunteer with Make-A-Wish Australia in Fortitude Valley and if you live close by (doubtful, seeing as you go to griffith?), they're always looking for more volunteers. And you do get to do some really cool stuff. Does GU have a volunteer association?

    I'll check if I added you back then. (:

  8. I’m readin a new book like every 3 weeks?
    Yep. It’s killing me. All the new anaylsis- a new time period to remember. (1st)plauto (2nd) chaucer (3)voltaire (4) nicholas machevelli(sp?)
    Oh and shakespeare. Yay.

    Naw! 😦 I’m sure you’ll get it done soon! *nods* ANd when you do you’ll be like *BAM!* Now what? Haha.

    Yeah that’s what I thought/we heard from some people. (The restructure)

    Except the vice is trying to pushing it in. we were given three days for student consultation. the meeting was completely bogus. it seems the students were never really meant to have a say in this. A lot of people are very, very angry. Our dean’s (for law) leaving for La Trobe. I’m thinking the admin aren’t pleased either. You see they’ve been told they can’t talk about. Controlling, much?

    Wow that’s so cool! (PR)
    Yeah I’m near Mt Gravatt. That a little out of my way XD
    What is the aim of the organisation? I’d love to help, but it seems my timetable and transport might be a bit of an issue. 😦

    Does GU have a volunteer association?

    They have the Innocence project. But I don’t think it’s meant for first years. they work with the people who have been wrongly convicted and “where innocence may be established through the use of DNA technology”, in hopes to gain their freedom. reading this from the website…Nsyt Lawyers are the co-founders.

    I was planning to go on an volunteer aid visit to thailand . Though I need to do more research on that- my friend has the info. I was thinking social aid, working with the community/teaching english etc.

  9. Hi, nice to meet you !

  10. hey callie

    i am enjoying media & communications at the moment, although its had its dud moments i’ve mostly chosen subjects i’ve really loved and thus done well in. i don’t know how the media comm course will be structured next year, because they’re totally revamping it but in general a BA Arts at melbourne uni is quite broad. you can try out heaps of different subjects, i dabbled in journalism, marketing, US history, international politics, cinema, television studies, french, digital technology and philosophy. that’s both good and bad, because you can really widen your interests, at the same time though it’s not as hands on as a straight journalism course.

    i have friends at monash uni and RMIT doing journalism/advertising/media courses and theirs are much more practical than mine – many more subjects involving article writing in different genres, editing, tv journalism, photojournalism, pitches, etc. but if you’re anything like me (haha i hope not!) and are a bit unsure of where you’re really headed, media @ melb is a great choice. i’ve had so much time to think about what i’m really interested in and pursue interests (fashion design!) outside of uni. plus in your third year your majors get more specific so it has more of a focus.

    if you haven’t been, the campus is just SO beautiful and historic, the cafes around MU are SO GOOD i love it there. and the people you meet come from everywhere and i love that aspect; learning about different cultures/backgrounds etc. plus if i hadn’t gone to MU, i wouldn’t have be able to go on exchange to columbia uni in new york next semester! we’re the first uni to become partner institutions with columbia (although there’s also penn state which is an hour away from nyc).

    sorry that was MEGA long and hope that somewhat answered your question haha its really different to give a hard yes/no because the experience is different for everyone. are you just out of high school or are you transferring from a uni in brisbane?

    x amie

    • Hey! Thanks so much for the informative reply!

      I’m transferring from University of Queensland- I’ve completed two years of my law degree before realizing that it’s really not what I want to do. I’ve been to Melbourne, and completely fell in love with it. I love the energy and the culture and it’s just so different from Brisbane which is so much more laid back. I guess in so many ways, I’m a city girl at heart.

      Truth be told, I’m seriously considering RMIT but I, like you, am itching to do an exchange in NYC so I’m not willing to let go of my Melb U dream just yet, even if the courses aren’t really practical. I believe NYU is another partner institution. I’ve always dreamed of living in NYC. I’m kind of excited, but I’m guessing that it’s pretty competitive trying to get accepted for exchange?

      muchlove, callie.

      • wow transferring out of law? you must be really heart set on the move! that’s so exciting
        i know RMIT have a great exchange program (with some new york unis too!) a friend of mine from rmit is heading to penn state at the same time as me πŸ˜‰ and yes! NYU is a partner, but its more for commerce/business students. exchange for columbia wasn’t too competitive this year since hardly anyone even knew that it was an option! haha so i got lucky with that – its just such a long wait to find out!
        have you been to new york before?

        x a

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