Short Reads

several articles/essays/pieces that I’ve read and liked (in no particular order)

  • How To Reclaim Your Attention; by Zoe Babauta [link]
  • Trend: Pretty Babies; by Carrie Denny [link]
  • See The World Before Your Camera Does: Three Ways to Fight Gadget Block; by Mike Sowden [link]
  • The Problem with Getting Better, Happier And Stronger; by Jamie Varon [link]
  • The 21st Century Threesome: Me, You, And My Blog; by Nicole Antoinette [link]
  • How To Make Things Happen (Instead of Waiting For Them To); by Jamie Varon [link]
  • 6 Beginner’s Tips for Becoming Location Independent; by Jamie Varon [link]
  • I Wish I’d Known That (Advice for a Designer Graduate); by Chris Arnold [link]
  • The Language of Fakebook; by Katie Riophe [link]
  • Are You Sure You Want That Social Media Job?; by Amber Naslund [link]
  • The Need for Transcendence in the Postmodern World; by Vaclav Havel [link]
  • The Curse of the “Things I Have Done” Lists; by Steven Heller [link]
  • Incomplete Manifesto for Growth; by Bruce Mau [link]
  • Online Questionnaire for the Depressives; a poem by Petra Magno [link]
  • Some Thoughts On the Real World by One Who Glimpsed It and Fled; a speech by Bill Watterson [link]
  • Disneyland with the Death Penalty; by William Gibson [link]
  • How About a License for Parenthood; by Nicole Antoinette [link]

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